Electric Tea Kettles – Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

Many people find that a cup of tea is comforting and look forward to it. Most are in the habit of making their daily tea with stove top kettles. But there is another choice that is popular amongst tea drinkers. Modern electric tea kettles are an alternative to stove top tea kettles and provide time saving and safety benefits. An advantage of an electric style kettle is that it makes boiling water in less time than stove top ones. In addition, the handles of the kettle will stay cooler than the standard stovetop kettle.

The stove top tea kettles usually take approximately 9 minutes to boil water and when pouring, individuals must be cautious when handling the kettle since the handle may become extremely hot during this time. Best copper tea kettle The efficiency of the electronic kettle usually provides boiling water in about 5 minutes and enables the handles to stay cooler and not present the possibility a burning hand. It is interesting to run a test yourself of the two kinds of tea kettles to see how long it takes to boil the water.

Electric tea kettles can be purchased inexpensively and clean easily. They provide an automatic shut off feature when the water reaches boiling, whereby the stove top usually provides a whistle.

An electric kettle may take up room on your counter if you prefer to leave it out of your cupboards when not used. This may be a consideration to those living with limited counter space. It can be placed inside a cabinet when not in use. Many styles and colors of teakettles exist to choose from for tea drinkers. Additionally, they can also be used to boil water for coffee, hot chocolate or other foods.

Manufacturers produce electric tea kettles in steel, copper, and any metal that is heat resistant. Look around in different stores or on the internet to decide which design of kettle that would be best for you.

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