Fixing the Divorce Curse

A family ripped apart by separation and divorce is a tragedy. In almost all cases there will be acute pain experienced by every family member involved, and some never recover. It’s a sad reality that most serious romantic relationships end tragically. If you’ve experienced the trauma of marriage breakdown you might relate with this.

I know a couple going through tough times at present. He can’t see his kids even though there’s no apparent reason for it other than his former wife is being selfish. This man’s present partner wants to get to know his kids but can’t, and he hasn’t seen them in several months. It seems there is money involved; a dispute about how much one party owes the other. The amazing thing is the ones missing out most are the children.

The unfairness of limited access hurts not only the father (or mother), but it hurts the kids too. It’s an everyday tragedy as we see it played out in every country of the world.

When will warring partners stop and think about the damage they’re inflicting on their children; their most loved and most precious progeny? When will they think about the curse they’re putting on young lives who may never recover. Children need a stable environment with which to grow within; an environment where emotional freedom and unconditional love abound. It’s where smiles are seen and laughter is heard. curse breaker Childhood is a place to explore the meaning to life. It’s a place to be a kid, without the ‘grown-up’ pressures of life bearing down on you. It’s a place to see¬†selfless¬†adults treating the world, and fellow human beings, with love, respect and courtesy.

There is such a thing as a generational curse. The theory is that if children grow up without love, they inevitably (though not always) continue the same mistakes during their generation, and then their kids will, and so on. This explains a lot of the brokenness we see in the world.

The challenge is to break the stranglehold of this generational curse. How does this affect you? If you’re party to separation and divorce, how can you sow into the next generation and smash the curse that might be placed on your family? Even better than that, how can you sow a blessing of love and faithfulness for your children and grandchildren?

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