Helpful Guidance of Basic Cat Care

In doing cat care, maintaining your cat’s health is the main concern. Besides some common cares like bathing, caring for the gums and teeth, cutting claws or nails, or caring for their hair, it would also be better if you also pay attention to their environmental health.

Healthy environmental would prevent them from various diseases, especially communicable cat diseases. Of course, maintain a healthy environment is not only beneficial for them, but also for every living creature, especially you as a human being.

Some cat diseases which are commonly found are flu, rabies, and FUS. Actually there are many types of diseases that harm cats.

The factors which are vital to the cat’s health are cage sanitation, air circulation, and environmental conditions. The other environmental condition factor is a place where humidity, how to cut cat nails with human clippers potential viruses and bacteria developed.

Cat grooming can provide many benefits for their health. Here are the basic steps in cat grooming that you can do for them;

• Start by giving a gentle stroke for them.

• The second step, analyze their hair or fur and see if there are lumps, sores, fungus or lice.

• Step three, check in between the toes whether there is a pile of fur clumping.

• The fourth step, make sure their claws or nails are not too long, if so you need to cut them. You need to learn how to cut cat claws correctly first.

• The fifth step, clean the impurities contained in their ears using cotton or a cotton bud, if necessary use ear liquid cleanser.

• The sixth step, bathe them if necessary and make sure the previous cat grooming steps has been done thoroughly. However, don’t bathe them too often because it can remove the natural oils, which naturally protect them from dirt and water, out of their body. The oil is waterproof so water can’t get through to their skin, while if so, it can cause the skin becomes moist and grow mushrooms.

To ensure your cats are healthy or not, look carefully whether they have clean hair and the hair doesn’t easily fall, they don’t have dirty eye and ear, they don’t scratch themselves too often, they have pink gums, white teeth, their claws are not damaged much-less broken, and the last their anal looks clean.

If you have a cat with those conditions, congratulation, means you’re not only having clean and healthy cat, but also having yourself healthy and clean.

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