Using Electric Or Stovetop Tea Kettles – Which One is Better?

For a long time, stovetop tea kettles were the only way to heat water for tea on the market. Over the past few years, electric kettles have been introduced and, for heating up water at home or work, these tea kettles have become more common. But should you simply throw out an old product because a new one appears on the market? If you’re an avid tea drinker but can’t decide between methods for boiling water, here are some of the benefits of both types.

Electric tea kettles are the latest product for boiling water. While this water can be used for coffee or instant soup as well, water boiled in an electric tea kettle eliminates use of the stove, Best copper tea kettle as often such kettles involve plugging a small “hot plate” into an outlet. A cord isn’t always involved and some more sophisticated models are cordless, operating at 1500 watts on battery power to eliminate the use of electricity in your home altogether. As far as boiling water is concerned, the main advantage is the kettle shuts off immediately when the water is hot enough for tea. Handles heating up has often been an issue with tea kettles, and many models are made with heat-resistant handles. Additionally, many electric designs have a filter inside, much like a purifying water jug, and this reduces the mineral deposits inside, which often accumulate over time.

Stovetop kettles, on the other hand, are used for their basic, tried-and-true design. The main benefit of such tea kettles is the whistle function, best copper kettle which alerts someone that the water is ready to be poured. Some of the features of the electric models have been incorporated with stovetop designs, including filters and heat-resistant handles. The proximity of the handles, especially metal ones, to the spout, however, often means that they’ll be hot and a pot holder or oven mitt should be used when removing the kettle.

If you boil water in a microwave for tea, any kettle yields a cleaner-tasting cup. Regardless of what kind of kettle you use, both give a clean cup of water. Many dealers of tea carry both types of tea kettles, especially as both are just as effective in boiling water.

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